Ella and Zoey, founders of Yay!DAY


We want to say thank you for being here and believing in Yay!DAY. Our goal for Yay!DAY is to spread happiness and joy through one simple word,YAY!  

When is Yay!DAY you Ask?

Well, we think it should be everyday, but, we chose October 30th as the day where we all can RADIATE POSITIVITY!

In the spirit of positivity, we believe there are organizations out there doing important work who could use a little boost, or as we say, a YAY! While there are so many great causes, we chose 4 that have a special significance to our family — and maybe yours too!  We hope you’ll consider supporting our charity partners and Yay!DAY.  Sooooo, when you make a donation or purchase Yay!DAY merchandise, you are believing in the power of YAY! and doing something fierce  by helping our charity partners.  Here they are….

FARE – Food Allergy and Research Education, too many of us kids have allergies and not enough education and resources to help with these allergies

STAND UP & SPEAK OUT – Anti-Bullying, enough of this.  We are raising money for our local schools to create programs to stop this bullying problem and let kids just be kids, regardless of what they like or don’t like.

JDRF – Juvenile Diabetes is a big thing amongst a lot of my friends and we partner with the local chapter to put on a very successful 5k team.

BE THE MATCH – I lost my grandpa to Bone Marrow disease and this is important because of the work they do in helping a lot of people, young and old dealing with this issue.

How to Yay!DAY on October 30th:

  • Wear your Yay!DAY T-shirt all day, proudly
  • Take the buttons you receive by donating and give them to people close to you that need to be Yay’ed
  • When you pin them, tell them “You’ve been Yay’ed!”…….and have a good day
  • Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, @yaydaylife, and tag us in your photos with the hashtag, #yaydaylife
  • Do not let anything ruin your day!
  • 😊