Welcome to Yay!DAY
Welcome to Yay!DAY

My goal for Yay!DAY is to spread happiness and joy through one simple word…


Zoey’s Yay!DAY was a huge success in 2019 and was proof that if you #RADIATEPOSITIVITY great things happen. She visited her old school, JV Washam Elementary, and presented Principal Jaime Tecza a Yay!DAY check for $2500 to go towards an Anti-Bullying Program that will be implemented in 2020. After this, Zoey went to Bailey Middle School and presented another Yay!DAY check for $2500 to her current Principal, Chad Thomas. This contribution will go towards an Anti-Bullying Curriculum Program that will immediately impact the school. A great day all around for Yay!DAY.

Yay!DAY is celebrated on October 20th each year, but the fundraising goal of $200k for 2020 has already started. If you want more information or would like to donate, please click the “Donate Now” button above.

Welcome to Yay!DAY

Zoey here,

I wanted to say thank you for believing in Yay!DAY. The official date is October 30th each year. When you make a donation or purchase your merchandise, you are believing in the power of YAY! Nothing is that important on Yay!DAY that we can’t all come together and RADIATE POSITIVITY!

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